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Environmental Services

Legionella Services

Under general health and safety law there is therefore now a legal requirement to consider the risks from legionella. The legislation applies to employers or persons in control of buildings (e.g. landlords). These legal duties are outlined in L8 AcoP ("Legionnaires' disease ­ The control of legionella bacteria in water systems.

Monitor and inspection programmes

A key aspect of The Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L8 is to maintain the cleanliness of all water systems. A regular, comprehensive, physical and chemical clean of these systems will limit the potential for high bacteria counts. When followed by regular monitoring the employer ensures that their staff, customers and the public are protected as well as complying with codes of practice.

By appointing F. N. Rice on a contracted basis, management are relieved from such checks and are offered peace of mind that they are meeting the latest required guidelines of maintaining safe water. Records for inspection are guaranteed to be kept up to date and in the event of any ‘out of range’ results, F. N. Rice are able to respond immediately to offer the appropriate remedial services.

  • Legionella Monitoring
  • Water sampling
  • Legionella Risk Assessments
  • Awareness Training
  • Log books

To outline and place on record, a descriptive plan of the extent, condition and design of the domestic water systems and to assess the risk of bacterial contamination posed by these systems, particularly the Legionella pneumophila species.

Water hygiene survey

  • A comprehensive multi-point physical examination of installed domestic cold water storage vessels, POU water heaters, calorifiers and associated pipework
  • Where guidance exists, e.g. BS6700 and ACOP L8, such documentation is employed in assessing equipment standards
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the precautions that are currently being applied

Microbiological analysis of domestic water service

  • To assess the quality of the domestic water services with regard to general microbiological activity
  • Sterile containers containing Sodium Thiosulphate as per Environment Agency Practices and Procedures for sampling drinking water 2002 for sampling criteria and/or combination dipslides for bacteria count, and yeast / fungi count bacteria yeast and mould count
  • Water samples collected from representative locations within the domestic water services
  • Bacteriological samples are collected and transported as per UKAS accredited sample methods
  • Samples are independently analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory

Water temperature measurements

  • To assess the physical temperature of the water services to establish safe thermal conditions exist
  • Digital read out meters, immersion and contact temperature probes
  • All testing is undertaken using equipment which has been pre-calibrated, in accordance with UKAS accredited test methods
  • The optimum growth temperature for Legionella pneumophila is between 35°C and 46°C and it is a recognised fact that this bacteria can readily multiply in water systems that are within a temperature range of between 20°C and 50°C

Production of a site visit log book

  • A comprehensive and user-friendly operating and record-keeping manual, which enables owners and operators of water systems to demonstrate their compliance for inspection by the Health and Safety Executive or Environmental Health Officer
  • Log book to contain:
  • Reiteration and guidance of the latest approved codes and statutory responsibilities
  • System risk assessment reports
  • System and equipment inspection reports
  • System schematics, data and photographs
  • Identification of responsible persons
  • Risk report, conclusions and recommendations
  • Log of control and monitoring measures, results and actions
  • Annual clean and disinfection reports and site log book sheets


  • Recommendations to resolve all highlighted potential threats and to ensure compliance
  • Recommendations are made within the specific requirements of the site and take into consideration available manpower and budgets


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