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Environmental Policy

Our objectives with respect to the management of the environment include the following :-

• Ensure our policy is understood by all employees and self employed employees, implemented and maintained for all Company operations.

• Carry out annual environmental audit of all aspects of the Company’s undertakings to ensure effective implementation of the environmental policy.

• Ensure that all our employees and self employed employees are aware of the potential environmental effects of their activities and the benefits from improved practices.

• Provide our employees with appropriate environmental training in order to reduce waste

• Comply with applicable legislation, consents and codes issued at European, National and Local levels, and adopt a proactive approach to future requirements.

• Minimise waste wherever practicable, and where waste is inevitable, ensure segregation and reuse or recycling rather than general disposal.

• Commit to continuous improvement of our environmental performance and prevention of pollution where reasonably practicable.

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